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Our Special Services Team


Jenny Blankenship, BCBA Consultant, SEL Facilitatory, RYT 200

Founding Behavior Analyst

Hello! My name is Jenny Blankenship, also known as “Ms. B,” here at Prospect Academy. I feel lucky and inspired everyday to have a role at Prospect Academy that allows me to work with every single student, parent or staff member at any given point related to anything a grown or growing human being learns, thinks, feels, says or otherwise does. 


As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst I have worked with adults and children of all age ranges across a variety of developmental, emotional, mental, learning and/or behavioral needs. s. I have provided behavior analytic services and educational consultation in both home and community settings, social skills groups, public schools, private schools, day treatment facilities, and residential treatment programs.


I fell into my passion for Applied Behavior Analysis in 2001, as I watched friendships form using the science of ABA, and am grateful to be able to continually see that the human capacity to learn can always soar above and beyond expectation with the right intervention in place, and appreciate having the tools of science to demonstrate that.


I am wholeheartedly in love with the vision and purpose of this school, as am I with the individual values and goals of each individually perfect human in attendance. Life is meant to be lived with prosperity for each and every human. Prospect Academy not only acknowledges, but embraces, and furthermore celebrates diversity of all kinds as well as diversity across every imaginable continuum. Whether this resonates with you roughly as the English  ‘Peace Be With You,’ the Hebrew ‘Shalom Aleichem,’ the Arabic ‘Salaam Alaykum,’ or somewhere between that and the pop-culturally derived greeting of the Vulcan people ‘Live Long and Prosper,’ each and every human being is respectfully invited to express, own and celebrate their unique, contextual position within the human race at Prospect Academy to, “Live Long and Prosper.” 


My aim is to support the integration of differences, perspectives, and contextual variables across all individuals taking space within the Prospect Academy community, but to also identify and shape new ways of behaving that align with the values of each individual student, of each classroom and teacher, of Prospect Academy as a whole, as well as with values associated with each unique bond or relationship formed between any and every enrolled student. 



Kirsten Beemer

Founding Mental Health Partner

Hello PA Village!

My name is Kirsten Beemer and I am excited to be one of Prospect Academy’s Mental Health Partners. I received my Masters of Arts in Counseling in 2001 and am currently enrolled in a School Counseling Certificate program. Past jobs have included: Counselor, Behavioral Technician, Dance Studio Owner/ Teacher, Kindergarten Paraprofessional and Special Education Paraprofessional. Having lived in Michigan and Washington, I am thrilled to be living in sunny Colorado with my husband, our two kids and our cockapoo. I am so excited to bring my expertise and compassion to Prospect and to be a support to our village. 


I will never forget my 5th grade teacher because he gave all of his students nicknames and we played charades daily. I was also thrilled to be chosen as the lead role in the class play and I won the SMATH competition. Don’t ask me how to play it though, because I do not remember. :)



Senaida Mehmedovic

Founding School Psychologist

Hello Hello! 


My name is Senaida Mehmedovic, also known as “Ms. M”, and I have the privilege of being the school psychologist at Prospect Academy. 


I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from Oregon State University, my M.S. and Ed.S. degrees in school psychology from Emporia State University, a professional certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Santa Barbara’s continuing education program, and I am currently a fourth year PhD student in the Child, Family, and School Psychology program at the University of Denver. 


Professionally, I have worked as a school psychologist, behavior technician, research assistant, and adjunct faculty member. Clinically, I have completed doctoral level practicum placements at a community mental health center, an alternative high school, and I am presently a child clinical extern at the Children’s Hospital (which is in no way affiliated with my role at PA). 


Research wise, I am tenacious in my efforts to support youth with literacy difficulties and social-emotional/behavioral needs. I’ve assisted in an IES funded study investigating the integration of behavioral supports for youth with ADHD and reading difficulties, developed behavioral materials for an at-home reading intervention for youth with ADHD, and my dissertation is centered around the potential moderating role that video games may play in supporting reading comprehension among youth with reading anxiety. 


When I am not juggling my different roles and responsibilities, I like to go hiking, spend time with my sweet cat Benji, and generally enjoy the wonderful company of my family and friends. 


I am so grateful to be at such a nurturing and supportive school like Prospect Academy— I am looking forward to providing counseling/therapy services to youth, fostering strong family-school partnerships, and working with the incredible staff to support the learning needs of all students. I am at Prospect Academy on Tuesdays until 3:30, Thursdays until 4:30, and Fridays until 12:00.


The best way to connect with me is through email: 

Kristie Charron, RN, BSN, MS

Founding School Nurse

My name is Kristie Charron, I am the school nurse at Prospect Academy. I look forward to collaborating with each of you to provide the medical care for your students while here at school. Per the Colorado Department of Education each student that will need medications administered at school will  need to complete the appropriate medication agreement form (link below). 

About Me:

 I have been married to my husband Don for 25 years this December. I have three daughters. Victoria., Vivian, and Olivia. I have been a nurse for  8 years.

My dream is to be a camp nurse in all 50 states. Please send me recommendations of your favorite summer camp.



Color: Purple

Food: Italian

Drink: Water & Diet Dr. Pepper

Store: Target

Movie: Romantic comedies


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Important forms:

Asthma Care Plan

Allergy Care Plan

Seizure Care Plan

immunization requirements:

Vaccine exemptions:


Health Room Rules:

Students will need a Nurse pass to visit the health office for non emergent visits

First aid packs will be distributed to all teachers with, gloves, gauze and band aids for minor abrasions.



D'Janay (Dee) Helmle

Founding Registered Behavior Technician

Hello friends and family of Prospect Academy! My name is D’Janay (Dee) Helmle, also known as Ms.H. I am a Registered Behavior Technician here at Prospect, and I am so excited to help build our school and our community. 


I have been working with children and young adults with autism and other learning disabilities for over 5 years. I absolutely love working in ABA therapy, getting to know our students, and how their minds work. 


Outside of Prospect you will usually find me baking something way too sweet, watching scary movies, attending a concert or finding a fun place to hang out with my wife and our dog! 

Email: D'

Image by Annie Spratt

Payge Wyman

Founding Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst

Hello! My name is Payge Wyman, and I am a Board-Certified Assistant Behavior

Analyst (BCaBA) providing part-time behavioral and social-emotional support to students and staff here at Prospect Academy! I have worked in the behavioral health field since May 2017 in many different roles, including as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), Technician Trainer, Safety Trainer, Lead RBT, and Clinical Supervisor.


Before getting into ABA, I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST); while pursuing my undergraduate degree, I worked as a math tutor and research assistant to gain additional skills related to teaching people and the processes of determining effective interventions. I also minored in biology and my degree concentration area was in cognitive neuroscience to complement the psychological theories and practices presented in my coursework. In addition to completing graduate level coursework in ABA as part of my certification process, I am currently enrolled part-time in a Master of Social Work program at MSU Denver and expect to graduate in 2025.

I pride myself in drawing from an eclectic background to consider all the bio-psycho-

social-spiritual aspects related to the human experience when working with an individual or

family. I use an individualized strengths-based approach to assess, intervene, and evaluate

outcomes on an ongoing basis to maintain my focus on providing high-quality and ethical

services from a person-centered paradigm. My professional specialty and interest areas are

trauma-assumed care, LGBT+ populations, Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT),

comorbid depression and anxiety, multicultural issues, advocacy and social justice, and cultural analysis and intervention. I have worked with clients of all ages and many different needs profiles, but I find it most rewarding working with teens and transition-aged youth.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing various types of video games, going to the mountains,

and spending time with my family and friends. Some of my favorite things to discuss and learn about are Harry Potter, video games, social science theories, TV and movie history, animals, and current events. My personal values are inclusion, dynamism, equity, authenticity, virtuosity, and integrity. I look forward to meeting you and your family!


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