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A Place for All Learners

Prospect Academy was founded by local community members, parents, and educators who have a passion for providing public options for students in all front range districts, especially students who come from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. Our focus is serving students with level 1 and 2 autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and similar learning profiles, as well as struggling learners without diagnoses.

Image by Sarah Noltner

Prospect was specially designed for students who have a diagnosed specific learning disability in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  We believe in the exceptional talents and skills of our students and for us, diagnosis is not destiny.  We will work tirelessly to find a way forward for a student, and we believe that “The Learner Knows Best”.  This mantra highlights our deep respect for each individual who walks into our school.  


All of our instructional methods for these subjects are based on the principles of Orton Gillingham, meaning that the instruction is explicit, follows a research-based scope and sequence, and is multi-sensory (different senses are used in the learning and practice of skills).  Further, our methods are also diagnostic and prescriptive, meaning that we use very sensitive ways of assessing students to learn more about their skills, and then provide instruction that is specific to those skills strengths and areas of growth.  

  • Direct instruction methods used in all subjects 

  • All curriculum uses explicit, research-based scope and sequences 

  • Multiple curriculum choices  

  • Curriculum choices have been vetted and tested for years at model schools (Morningside and Haugland) 

  • Instructional and practice methods are multi-sensory 

  • Instructional and practice methods are daily, based on fluency, and personalized  


Will you follow IEPs or 504 plans already in existence? 


Yes, Prospect is a free, public charter school and therefore is legally bound to a student’s IEP or 504 plan as written.  However, given that Prospect’s model is unique and everything we do is tailored to meet the needs of neurodiverse students, we will likely modify IEPs and 504 plans so that they are more consistent with our programming.  In most cases, students will be getting more specialized services, not fewer, and family (including the student) is always part of the IEP team.  

Will you group kids by diagnosis? 

No, students will not be grouped by diagnosis.  This is because a diagnosis is a label used to describe a set of behaviors or actions, including academic skills (at Prospect, we define the word “behavior” a little differently than you are used to - behavior means any action on the environment - so to us, the term “reading” refers to a set of behaviors).  Not all students with the same diagnosis will exhibit the same set of behaviors.  Therefore, for the most effective instruction, we will group students by the skills they show in the different subject areas - math, reading, and writing.  Other classes will be grouped in different ways, but the main content areas will have flexible, skills-based groupings.  We anticipate groups will change based on the pace of learning for some students.  

Dyslexia / Dysgraphia / Dyscalculia

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