Welcome to Prospect Academy!

We are a tuition-free charter school serving children in grades 5-8.

Prospect Academy is founded on the belief that all students, including those who learn differently and those that struggle in school, can reach their potential with the right programming and support.

Too often, families struggle to meet their children's school needs, work to become experts in their children's learning styles, and spend countless hours advocating for their children. Prospect Academy was designed to work in partnership with families of struggling learners and learners who learn differently. At Prospect, we work with the family and child to create an individualized, responsive plan to help each learner realize their maximum success. 


Using a scientific approach to learning, we find answers, never excuses.


Thank you for your interest in Prospect Academy. We are so excited to welcome our students this Fall!

Our first round enrollment period is open through January 19, 2022. 

We have 240 spots available. Our hope is take all of our students in the first round of enrollment. Should we receive more than 240 applications, students will be admitted through a lottery process. 


Ready to apply to our school? Click on the button below to start your application. 

Parents & Students

We are here to support you every step of the way. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us!

Below are helpful links to get you on your way to becoming an official part of the Prospect community. 

Enrollment Forms


Enrollment Process


Informational Sessions

We are committed to meaningful dialogue with our Prospect community. We are holding regular informational sessions to hear about what is important to you, tell you about our school, and answer any questions. 


For our full schedule of upcoming events, please visit our events page!