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Our Teaching Team


Wendy Evans

Founding English Language Arts

Hello! My name is Wendy Evans, and I am one of the English Language Arts teachers here at Prospect Academy.  I am very proud to be amongst the founding staff members of this wonderful school!  My goal is to help my students see all the amazing things they can do when they work hard and persevere.  I believe that each person’s abilities far outweigh their limitations.


This is my fourth year in education. I started as a special education paraprofessional at an elementary school.  After that, I spent a year as a classroom paraprofessional in a third grade classroom.  A few weeks into beginning my career in education, I knew for certain that this was the career I was made for, and I started to pursue my bachelor’s degree in special education.  Last year I graduated, and I was able to take my first teaching position.  I was a fifth grade English teacher at a very large charter school.  I love this role with all of my heart, and it brings me joy on a daily basis!


Before I was a teacher, though, I was a mom!  My husband and I have three wonderful children.  They are all young adults now and navigating life one day at a time.  Our youngest will be graduating from Two Roads Charter School this spring.  I always say that my best training for my job came from my children.  My children all have unique needs, as all children do.  Their needs come with diagnoses such as dyslexia, autism, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.  It has been my absolute joy to help them grow in spite of various challenges.  I love helping children of all ages with various needs reach their full potential!


In my precious free time I love to enjoy the outdoors.  This last year I was able to get a stand up paddleboard, and I enjoy getting out on the water as much as possible!  I also love hiking, and camping.  I also love fashion and shopping as often as possible!



Min Hackett

Founding General Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Min Tackett. I am one of the Humanities teachers here at Prospect Academy, and I’m looking forward to fostering a meaningful partnership between staff, students, and parents.


I have been teaching English Language Arts for 4 years in the General Education classroom, and I’m currently working towards board certification as a Behavior Analyst following the completion of my Master’s Degree in ABA therapy. I’m passionate about equity in education and research-based practices to help all children learn and grow.


Outside of the classroom, you can find me adventuring with my dog, Jethro, or curling up with a good book. I love experiencing new things and traveling around our beautiful state. Brene Brown, Pablo Neruda, and Mary Shelley are some of my favorite authors as they stretch the imagination and the way we view the world. I’m excited to bring a love of literature, learning, and life to the students at Prospect Academy.


IMG_6665 2.jpg

Mattie Hankal

Founding Math Teacher and Support Partner


My name is Mattie Hankal, and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am excited to be at Prospect Academy in Colorado as a Paraprofessional while earning my Speech-Language Pathology Assistant certification. I earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a certificate in Disability Studies. I have worked in various childcare settings and outdoor classrooms including Special Olympics Georgia as a soccer coach and Vail Resorts as a ski instructor. These previous roles have cultivated a passion in me for creating a learning environment where students of all abilities and backgrounds can thrive.


My love for adventure brought me out to Colorado, and I cannot wait to begin this adventure at Prospect Academy with fellow staff and future students! 



Steven Fairfield

Founding Math and Reading Teacher


Born in Louisville, KY, I am the oldest of five brothers and sisters. I have always loved education. My first memory of teaching was showing my sister how to scramble eggs. Her technique surpassed mine long ago! 


I love to show people how to do things that bring them joy and enrich their lives. I have been a conservation educator in a zoo, coached grappling for children and adults, and of course taught reading and mathematics. It is an honor to be a part of the Prospect team teaching mathematics and writing!


I earned my undergraduate degree in Humanities from the University of Louisville and in 2021 I earned my MS in Education from the Johns Hopkins School of Education.


Outside of the classroom I enjoy backpacking, fly fishing, grappling, and cooking.



Daniel Ferry 

Founding STEM and Math Teacher


Hi, I'm Dan Ferry, from Yorkshire, England. I've been a qualified educator since 2014, teaching across different elementary grades. I have also taught computer science and STEM in schools in London, England. I'm excited to work as a STEM and Math teacher with such a wonderful and supportive team at Prospect Academy.


Outside work, I enjoy traveling these great lands, listening to and playing music, watching my soccer team, Leeds United, hanging out with friends and family, and trying out new experiences. I love working with children. Being part of a student's learning journey expands their repertoire of knowledge, insights, and skills, and also broadens my perspective as I learn from their ideas and experience.



Bregette Tuballa

Founding Literacy Teacher

Hello everyone! My name is Bregette Tuballa, and I come from the Philippines. I am a

Certified English Language Teacher with five years of teaching experience. I will be a

Literacy Teacher at Prospect Academy.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts major in English at Western Mindanao State

University and received a Bachelor of Secondary education (CP) major in English at

Foundation University. I finished my Master of Arts in Education major in English

Language Teaching at St. Paul University.

As a literacy teacher, I am lucky to work with a brilliant team (Prospect Academy) who

are always ready to learn the most recent developments in literacy to tailor our

instructional techniques to meet the needs of our young learners.

I am very passionate about working with our young learners and feel privileged to

embrace the challenges in helping each kid progress in all facets of their development.

My son and I have loved to swim since we grew up near the beach. I loved watching

random movies or series on Netflix. My favorite book is Purpose Drive Life by Rick

Warren. I love this book because it enlightens my purpose in life and teaches me a lot

about life.



Jodi Vigil

Founding Special Education Teacher


The 2022/2023 school year is my 15th year teaching students. I started teaching in Adams 14 School District and then in Denver Public Schools. In 2015, I moved to Indonesia and taught until June of 2022. I am excited to return to Colorado and be a part of the Prospect Academy family. 

I have a BA in Special Education from Metropolitan State University and an MA in Applied Behavioral Analysis from University of Northern Colorado.


A life goal is to take cooking classes and have a cup of coffee in as many different countries as possible. 


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