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A Place for All Learners

Prospect Academy is founded on the belief that all students, including those who learn differently and those that struggle in school, can reach their potential with the right programming and support. We serve children grades 4-8.

Too often, families struggle to meet their children's school needs, work to become experts in their children's learning styles, and spend countless hours advocating for their children. Prospect Academy was designed to work in partnership with families of struggling learners and learners who learn differently. At Prospect, we work with the family and child to create an individualized, responsive plan to help each learner realize their maximum success. 


Using a scientific approach to learning, we find answers, never excuses.


Our Teaching Philosophy

Support for Learning Differences


Our Mission and Vision


Our School​

Our school is founded on the belief that all students, including those who learn differently, can reach their potential with suitable programming and support. We aim to serve students who have diagnoses of autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and ADHD or those who might have similar profiles or learning styles to the diagnoses above. These diagnoses do not preclude students from engaging in rigorous, college-track academics. Social and emotional learning and support are a cornerstone of our school. They will not just be a buzzword that we incorporate at designated times during the day or week but will be seamlessly integrated into everything we do.

Quality Education from an Academic Team that Cares

Our students need educational options and safe places where they are truly understood, as well as opportunities to learn important skills for transitioning to adulthood. Through our outreach program, we envision Prospect Academy will become a beacon for students, families and other schools across the state.


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A heartfelt thank you to the organizations that have believed in us and supported us.

Without their vital support, Prospect Academy would not be the same.

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