Prospect Academy is opening in Fall 2022 and will serve 240 students in grades 5-8 with and without diagnosed learning differences.

Prospect Academy has a mission to educate students who learn differently or who have struggled in traditional school environments. Our goal is for all students to feel safe physically, mentally, and emotionally. We want to change the way students experience school. The learning experiences at Prospect will evoke positive, “can-do” feelings amongst and between our students instead of frustration, sadness, fear, or anger. In addition to cultivating a supportive academic and overall cultural environment, we address social-emotional and executive function skills systematically and comprehensively, with direct instruction and smart practices across all environments. This will help students develop appropriate social and coping skills, which help our students better face any challenges. 


Through the use of evidence-based practices, extensive research, and personal experience, we believe Learning Science, Precision Teaching, and our supportive environment will change the narrative for students and create positive associations with school and learning.

The core content to be taught is aligned to Colorado State Standards. The measurement system, instructional approach, class sizes (typically around 20 students), social-emotional support, positive behavior support systems, and explicit teaching of executive functioning and other skills needed by students with learning differences are what set the school apart from other options in the public school system.

Home School

Prospect Academy will offer a novel homeschool program to all youth in grades 5-8.  Instead of a one-day-a-week program (the typical offering at most charter homeschool programs), Prospect will offer students a 4-5 days per week program, where they can choose one subject (Reading, Writing, or Math) and one elective. 


We know that parents may need assistance in making sure students have strong instruction in different areas.  We can provide both instruction and progress monitoring within our program, helping students gain the skills they need, providing information to parents on exactly where students are at in the subject, and helping parents by allowing them to focus on 1 fewer subject area within the homeschool environment.  




Reading + Elective 


Math + Elective 


Writing + Elective 


What you can expect: 


1) Strong instruction for your student in this area 

2) a community of support for students and parents 

3) regular (monthly) progress monitoring and results to help understand student progress and levels 

4) Students and families being part of the Prospect Academy community 


Learning Science

Learning Science is a cornerstone of our philosophy and will help us create positive environments for all students, regardless of diagnosis. The philosophy and techniques of Learning Science work for all types of students, not just those with learning differences and are among the most effective and efficient practices currently available (Cooper, Heron, Heward, 2007; Trump et al, 2018).



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Literature Arts

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Precision Teaching

Prospect Academy will use the innovative framework of Precision Teaching (PT). Through its use, students will gain fluency in their academic, behavioral, social emotional, and adaptive behavior skills. At Prospect Academy, we have a focus on the generalizability of academic, social-emotional, adaptive behavior, and life skills of students, as students’ abilities to use these skills across environments will have direct correlation to their success outside of the classroom and in the future. Using Precision Teaching and fluency-based instruction will help us take an important step towards ensuring that student skills generalize to many different environments. 



Prospect Academy academic standards will align with all Colorado State Standards for grades K-12, which are based on the Common Core State Standards. 

We have chosen curricula based on evidence of use at other schools like ours, as well as different research looking at the efficacy of the curriculum.

We plan to use a variety of curricula for each subject; this will help us serve students more effectively than relying on only one option.  


Counseling Program

Prospect Academy will have mental health support and counseling to help students grow their self-regulation skills, emotional awareness and expression, healthy self-esteem. Our counseling staff will be able to provide individual and group counseling to our students who need mental health support. Additionally, they will help create behavioral support plans for use in the classroom, provide in-the-moment support to students as needed and engage school staff in mental health education and preventative training to support the overall wellbeing and success of our students.