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Mission & Vision

Prospect Academy provides a safe, calm, and inclusive learning environment that educates students with behavioral and learning challenges and prepares them for a successful life from high school to college or career. Our education is inclusive, equitable, and promotes a love of life-long learning.

Our Mission

Our Vision

All students, regardless of diagnosis or disability category, will reach their full potential and become productive, engaged members of society.

Philosophy of Education

Our school is founded on the belief that all students, including those who learn differently, can reach their potential with the right programming and support. We serve all students, including general education students, and specialize in serving students with level 1 and 2 autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or similar learning profiles as well as struggling learners without a diagnosis who are not successful in a traditional school setting. We believe that a diagnosis does not preclude students from engaging in college-track academics. Social-emotional learning and support is a cornerstone of our school and will be seamlessly integrated into everything we do.

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Learning Science

Our academics are based on the philosophy and practices of behavior science. Our instruction is positive, fast-paced, and laser-focused, as students will be grouped by ability rather than grade level. Many of our students may need to “catch up” to grade-level standards and ability grouping will help them do this as efficiently as possible. Students will engage in smart practice every day on skills that will have the largest impact on their overall learning. We make daily instructional decisions using the superior measurement system of Precision Teaching and students are taught how to chart and analyze their own data, increasing their ownership over their work and teaching goal-setting.

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